The key features of LEDCity are its sensor and control components, which are integrated directly into the light sources. These make it possible to selectively illuminate rooms – in other words, to provide lighting exactly where people are located or are moving. Sophisticated algorithms ensure that the light is continuously and precisely adjusted to the actual need at the location. The system is also comparatively easy to install. If installed in the entire building, it provides area-wide sensor data to help with the further fine-tuning of the control.

LEDCity in Hapimag Resorts

We became aware of LEDCity through our startup network and were impressed by the system’s potential from the beginning. We are now using the technology in seven Hapimag resorts, especially in public areas such as underground car parks and corridors. We have been able to identify promising energy savings within a very short time, such as an energy saving of almost 90 % in the underground car park at our Interlaken resort. We are excited to see how LEDCity will prove its worth in the other resorts and areas of use.

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