Taken from chapter 2.4.2: Making HVAC and lighting optimization accessible to all buildings (p. 95):


„Autonomous Lighting System by LEDCity AG

THE SOLUTION: An autonomous plus and play lighting system which is equipped with various sensors to reduce energy consumption by 90% compared to traditional systems. Artificial Intelligence optimized algorithms control the light autonomously and dynamically. The integrated control system makes it possible to dispense with any external control components during construction and to simultaneously record data such as people movements and energy consumption in real time.

THE CLIENT: The SBB, the State-owned railway company of Switzerland, cooperated with LEDCity in 2019 to retrofit one of their buildings with a test installation of the intelligent lighting system. They installed integrated radar and light sensors as well as a radio module per light source to automatically adjust its intensity and duration to the actual demand. Thanks to the installed gateways, the collected sensor data could easily be evaluated in real time on a dashboard, energy savings were verified and various measurements for building automation could be used.“


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