The cleantech start-up LEDCity equips LED light sources with sensors and AI. Now the Zurich-based company is looking for money for further expansion.

12 percent of Swiss electricity consumption is accounted for by lighting. LEDCity CEO Patrik Deuss wants to change that. He is convinced that national energy consumption in the lighting sector can be reduced by 80 percent compared to the base year 2017.

This is made possible by the interaction of sensor technology and AI. The light sources upgraded by LEDCity scan their surroundings for movement. An algorithm processes the data and controls the light intensity.

LEDCity, which was founded in 2017, appeals to infrastructure operators with high user frequencies; current customers include Zurich Airport, universities such as ETH, grand hotels, banks and public authorities. Last year, a seven-digit turnover was achieved for the first time.

Start-up financing was provided by the Swiss Climate Foundation and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Now LEDCity is organising … Read full article at