We present: NOMUS – the truly bright ecosystem

After six years of research and development, we are very thrilled to present the newest addition to our portfolio of lighting solutions: NOMUS.

A brand that evolves all about providing the highest advancements of technology, creating a sustainable impact while enabling excellent comfort and a feeling of safety in every type of commercial building. Based on our existing lighting expertise, we developed NOMUS: the most advanced and truly bright ecosystem. It not only provides sustainable and efficient lighting but also incorporates unique features and the advancements of smart algorithms! Thus, we offer a full system that includes hardware and software to fit the precise requirements of your need.

What is the purpose behind NOMUS?

While creating smart lighting with our previous lighting solutions, we wanted to create something even more advanced. As a result, we build on our expertise in lighting solutions and created an all-around solution that can support our customers most effectively and create the highest value. It is far more than only a lighting source: it is an entire intelligent ecosystem for your commercial building.

NOMUS combines our energy-efficient hardware for lighting installations with even smarter algorithms. High comfort with even more control and flexibility. All our lights are wirelessly connected to each other and can process the data collected in the network. As we communicate with an open standard, we open up our system to more components than just luminaires. On top, we integrated the Wirepas wireless ecosystem into our solution, making it even smarter and applicable for any type of application.

Better than ever before – NOMUS features

The terms “intelligent lighting system” or “smart lighting solution” are already exciting solutions on the market that try to bring lighting to the next level. Nevertheless, the functions of lighting systems are often not as smart and efficient as they might seem. With NOMUS, we are taking a few steps forward and offering features that have not been available so far. Our features are certified and unique in this combination and development:

True Swarm Intelligence:
Through smart algorithms and integrated “computers” in each light source, our luminaires communicate wirelessly with their neighbouring lights. The light sources use this information to regulate the light level and duration automatically and predictively. The light is adjusted continuously and precisely within a few per cent of the effective demand. That way, it accompanies every step of a person based on the spatial distance and the functional groups. Thus, true swarm intelligence enables lighting to be highly efficient while also keeping the feeling of safety.

Daylight Sensing:
When daylight is strong, we naturally do not need a strong level of artificial light. By using daylight sensing control, we can automatically adjust the brightness level according to the surrounding light. This allows us to reduce overhead lighting and give the exact right amount of light at any time, to give the most comfortable light experience. What does this look like in practice? Simply explained: When the sun shines strongly into the room, the light is automatically dimmed depending on the individual settings. Also, the light adjusts immediately if it gets slightly darker because of clouds or the sun disappearing. This ensures perfect lighting conditions at any time without wasting energy.

Remote Monitoring & Configuration:
Configuring every single device on-site is not only enormously costly and time-consuming but also extremely difficult to scale. With our remote monitoring and configuration feature, you do not need someone on site. We make it possible to receive updates, and monitor and configure everything remotely, which makes it much faster, easier, and more efficient.

Configurable settings with NFC App:
As an alternative to remote configuration, the settings can also be changed easily from your smartphone. Simply change the light and radar settings and keep track of the statistics about your devices – easily accessed with your phone.

Hardware and Software combined

As part of our new brand, we provide an all-in-one solution. So, we do not only the software that incorporates our intelligent features, but also the appropriate hardware to create efficient and sustainable light sources for every type of building – from office space to garage. Similar to our other product lines, we offer the NOMUS tube, in which different sensors and a radio module are integrated. This type of light source can do everything our previous hardware could offer as well while adding the NOMUS intelligent features on top. Brand new is the NOMUS Sensor Node. The same intelligent software is integrated into the Sensor Node – a device that is installed in DALI-capable luminaires. This makes our lighting solution much more flexible and versatile.

Much more possibilities with intelligent software

Be ready for many more exciting things to come. In the next year, we are planning to present all the applications piece by piece where our lighting solution can make a difference. IoT, hardware, data, and facility automation – are just a few of the topics that we will embark on. The possibilities with our software provide enormous potential for the future. Stay tuned!


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