Decentralised autonomous control. No installation of external sensors necessary. No control system required.

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Lighting around the clock and nobody is there who needs the light? Unfortunately, this is now a senseless reality in many cases worldwide. And it would not be necessary: rooms could be lit more intelligently – whether indoors or outdoors, in private or public spaces. Under the term “Smart Lighting” there are first solutions that address this problem. However, “smart lighting” is often not as smart as it seems: the term is used for wireless lighting or systems with motion sensors.

LEDCity goes one step further here. With our autonomous lighting system, we are developing an intelligent lighting solution that optimizes energy consumption by means of sensor technology and artificial intelligence. This means that rooms are only illuminated when it actually makes sense. Our fully autonomous tubes communicate with each other via Bluetooth and are controlled locally. Furthermore, the data from the tube sensors can be evaluated, which is an additional benefit for our customers.

Our system is not only intelligent but also highly efficient and therefore good for your budget and the environment. Since the intensity of the tubes is automatically controlled, they only run at full power when necessary. However, lower power consumption is not the only advantage: Dimming the lamps generates less heat, which in turn significantly increases the life expectancy of our products. While a conventional FL tube burns for around 20,000 hours, corresponding LED products already burn for 30,000–50,000 hours. However, the fully autonomous LED City Tube reaches up to 90’000 hours. The slightly higher purchase price of our products is therefore already put into perspective by this fact alone. If you add to this the electricity savings, it becomes clear that the purchase of an LED City lighting system pays for itself after only about two years.

While our core competence lies in the development of innovative illuminants, we also provide comprehensive support and offer you the services listed below.

If you would like to delve a little deeper into the subject matter, we recommend the light study, which was developed in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.


There are hardly any automated lighting systems on the market today that actually meet customer requirements – which is why LEDCity is developing a new series of lamps. We are exploring the limits in order to save the maximum possible amount of energy while increasing the comfort for the end user.

Energy measurement

Energy measurements can be carried out for both conventional and newly installed lighting systems. This allows the optimization measures to be evaluated and further improved. The information obtained can also be used to apply for subsidies.

Project planning

In order to make the change from conventional lighting to automated, energy-saving technology economically viable, we take over the entire planning and coordination for you. For this we can fall back on many years of know-how, which we have acquired in hundreds of projects.

Lighting design

To ensure that the lighting achieves the specified luminous intensity but does not cause light pollution, we will be happy to take over the lighting design for you. Depending on the complexity of the requirements, we also involve partners.


Our lamps are designed for easy and efficient installation. Nevertheless, we also offer to install the new lighting fixtures at your site – no matter whether it is lighting in new buildings or existing installations: We bring you up to tomorrow’s standards today.


Together with our partners we offer a complete assortment. The spectrum ranges from non-automated to semi-automated and fully automated illuminants and luminaires which control the lighting autonomously.


There are innumerable subsidy possibilities for renovation measures and replacement new buildings. Unfortunately, the “subsidy jungle” is opaque and applications are often time-consuming and lengthy. That is why LEDCity can take this work off your hands if you wish.


Investments in new, energy-efficient lighting systems can cause high costs in the short term. We offer an individual financing solution to facilitate your budget planning and minimise the investment risk.


In the future, our lamps themselves will be able to recognise when the end of their service life has been reached. Until then, we will be happy to take over this service for you and replace the lamps as soon as it is time.


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Semi-autonomous LED tube

Our semi-autonomous LED tubes change the illumination intensity and duration automatically. The savings potential is significantly increased by a high lighting efficiency and a shorter operating time. Thanks to several sensors, the control system takes decisions away from the human being and adapts the light interactively to the need. In addition, parameters can be set on the product to save the optimum amount of energy for each application.

Semi-autonomous LED tube Plus

The LED products “Semi-Autonomous Plus” automatically change the lighting intensity and duration. In addition, the radar sensitivity can be adjusted on the product and further configurations can be made via app. This high degree of adaptability makes it possible to save the optimum amount of energy in every application.

Fully autonomous LED tube

Our fully autonomous LED tube is equipped with various sensors and can communicate with other tubes via Bluetooth mesh network. Due to the high quality construction, efficient LED chips and constantly developing software, this product is by far the most effective of our product range. In addition to the lighting that is actually adapted to the needs, the very easy installation and maintenance and the enormous savings in power consumption, it will also be possible in the future to replace entire security systems, optimize ventilation systems, etc. based on the data collected.

Non-autonomous LED tube

The non-autonomous LED tube is convincing due to its high-quality construction with a cooling aluminium housing and high light output. It is the cost-effective replacement for conventional FL tubes and can be used in existing sockets without any problems after minor modifications.

Would you like further information?

In cooperation with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), a light study was produced in 2018, which we are pleased to share with you. Enter your e-mail address here and we will send you a link to the PDF of the complete final report.