Modular luminaires. Standard across manufacturers. Simple maintenance.

Switch to smart, modular lighting

Contrary to the prevailing trend, we have opted for a modular approach with a manufacturer-spanning standard in order to be able to operate our lamps in existing sockets. Thus, conversion is usually very simple and cost-effective. Our products are ideal for renovations and refurbishments of existing buildings, as the uncomplicated conversion to the latest technology becomes affordable for everyone: Often the simple exchange of the starter and illuminant is sufficient.

We care deeply about the environment and we consider it sensible that individual parts can be replaced rather than always having to replace the entire luminaire.

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Non Autonomous

Learn more about our extremely efficient and high quality non-autonomous products without sensors.


Semi Autonomous

Learn more about our sensor-controlled semi-autonomous products and see the incredible savings potential for yourself.


Semi Autonomous Plus

Learn more about our sensor-controlled “Semi-autonomous Plus” products for complex control requirements.


Fully Autonomous

Find out what the ideal applications for the user-friendly NOMUS solutions are. How do they differ from the other products?

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Complete Luminaires for
your new building project

Are you planning a new building? In addition to the individual components mentioned above, we also offer complete luminaires in various designs. We offer a wide range of products, from simple beam lights, to wet room tubs, to sophisticated design solutions with rail systems.

Recently, our product range also includes a round lamp, which is available in various sizes and designs.



The economical standard fixture for universal applications.


Moisture Proof Housing

Protected against external influences – waterproof and dustproof.


Pipe Housing

Extremely stable and shapely.


Coming Soon

We are also happy to offer you individual rail systems in cooperation with our partners.

Data evaluation as an added benefit

Our sensor-controlled light sources and luminaires not only help to save electricity, they can do much more: the integrated sensors – which vary according to the degree of autonomy – can measure not only brightness and movement, but also humidity, temperature and much more. All data can be viewed and evaluated in our or an existing dashboard. This gives you a lot of additional information at your disposal to optimize ventilation systems or to replace entire security systems etc.

Comparison Autonomy

Non-autonomous light sources depend on KNX or DALI control systems with external sensors. The optimisation possibilities are limited. Semi-autonomous light sources have an integrated motion and daylight sensor and thus control the light intensity in small areas. In addition, parameters can be set on the back of the light source. Semi-autonomous+ lamps can be parameterized via an app. Thus they meet complex requirements. NOMUS illuminants are controlled by AI-trained algorithms and ensure that you always get exactly the amount of light you need. Over-the-air software updates allow the NOMUS products to be continuously improved.