Gateway Semi-autonomous Plus

The gateway for our lighting solution Halbautonom+ extends the luminaire network with an internet access and allows receiving and sending the data from the LEDCity luminaires. The collected data can be sent to the cloud via the gateway thanks to an internet access, in order to be able to evaluate and use them in a meaningful way. With the help of visualization on our dashboard, the data can then be used for operational optimization, for example. It is also possible that the data can be used to trigger an action directly, such as an email to the entertainment staff in the event of a light bulb failure.


Data Sheet

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Thanks to scheduling, the lighting system can be set up to automatically activate a predefined scene for a zone at a specific time on selected days. A scene can be a static scene or an automated scenario such as presence detection or daylight harvesting.
Energy monitoring: With the help of energy monitoring, data about the power consumption of your lighting system can be collected and displayed in real-time.
Motion monitoring: The gateway allows you to capture the movement in your building and evaluate it in a heat map in real-time (hourly).

Services under development

Remote configuration Remote access enables, among other things, the configuration of system parameters or the recommissioning of lamps.
Changing the sensor values Brightness, occupancy, or ambient light sensor values can be easily changed according to individual preferences.
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