NOMUS – A Full System for your Lighting: Connected – Efficient – Powerful

The truly bright ecosystem – More than just light sources

Based on our existing lighting expertise, we developed NOMUS: the most advanced and truly bright ecosystem. It not only provides sustainable and efficient lighting but also incorporates unique features and the advancements of smart algorithms! Thus, we offer a full system that includes hardware and software to fit the precise requirements of your need.

What makes NOMUS unique?

True Swarm Intelligence

Through smart algorithms, our luminaires communicate wirelessly with their neighbouring light sources. The light sources use this information to regulate their light level automatically and accompany a person’s every step based on physical distance and functional groups– for an efficient and safe light

Daylight Sensing

When daylight is strong, we naturally do not need a strong level of artificial light. By using daylight sensing control, we can automatically adjust the brightness level according to the surrounding light. This allows us to reduce overhead lighting, and give the exact right amount of light at any time, to give the most efficient and comfortable light experience.

Configurable settings with NFC App

Make changes to light and radar settings and keep track of the statistics about your devices – easily accessed with your phone.

Remote Monitoring & Configuration

No need to have someone on site. We make it possible to receive updates, monitor and configure your NOMUS system remotely, which allows it to effortlessly stay on track with every changing needs and wishes.

What is the purpose behind NOMUS?

After building our expertise in light sources, we have been seeking an all-around solution that can support our customers in the most effective way and create the highest value. Thanks to the advancements in smart technologies, we combined our energy-efficient hardware with even smarter algorithms. The result: Light sources that are not only smart but create an entire intelligent ecosystem. By that, we combined high comfort with even more control and flexibility, by taking advantage of the data that the lights can store and supporting features that extend far beyond the traditional goal of lighting. With NOMUS we created a truly intelligent lighting ecosystem. Our communication is built on the Wirepas wireless ecosystems, which gives us top-of-the-market scalability and opens the NOMUS system to other components than just luminaires. This allows us to offer features outside the realm of illumination, and be a key partner in a smart building.

Sensor Node

NOMUS Sensore Node DALI

Learn more about the NOMUS Sensor Node – A device that is installed in DALI-capable luminaires and turning them into truly bright lighting sources


NOMUS tube

Find out what the ideal applications for the user-friendly NOMUS tubes are. How do they differ from the less autonomous products?