NOMUS Sensor Node DALI

The Nomus Sensor Node DALI is a device which is built into D4i-ready luminaires. This makes it is possible to easily create an intelligent lighting ecosystem out of every type of luminaire.
It can detect motion with an RF Radar sensor and daylight brightness with a light sensor. Additionally, it can be integrated into a wireless mesh network with other devices with the same mesh functionality. Based on its own measurements as well as information and commands given by the mesh network the Nomus Sensor Node DALI can control the brightness of the luminaire.
To make it even easier, Nomus Sensor Node will also be integrated as part of different types of luminaires. As a result, the entire lighting hardware is ready to be mounted and provides the flexibility to choose the model of luminaire that fits best, still equipped with LEDCity’s most intelligent lighting ecosystem. The partners for the luminaires are yet to be disclosed.




Input Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
Battery Operation: 190 – 240 VDC
Input Voltage: 12-22.5 VDC
Power: < 580 mW
Average input current: 30 mA
Peak Input current: 46 mA
Material: ABS (white)
Lifetime: > 100’000 h
IP Protection Sensors/Connector: IP44 / IP20
Operating temperature: –10 °C .. +60 °C
Storage temperature: –10 °C .. +60 °C
Operating & storage humidity: 10 – 80 % rH
Motion sensor – technology: Radar (RF)
Motion sensor – transmission power: < 3.0mW
Motion sensor – frequency: 5.80 GHz
Motion sensor – detection range: < 8m
Adjustable detection range: Yes
Communication – technology: Wirepas Mesh
Communication – transmission power: < 6.5mW
Communication – frequency: 2.4 GHz
Communication – range: max. 8 – 12m
Light sensor – technology: multichannel RGBC
Light sensor – measurement range: < 1000 lx
Mounting: In luminaire
Mounting hole diameter: 22 mm
Thread Type: M22 x 1.5
Compatibility: DALI 2.0 / Zhaga b. 20
Dali Part 351 Type: Control Device Type D
Weight: 17 g
Active time settings: 1s-4h
Soft light start: Yes
Basic light function: Yes
Basic light settings: 0-100% / 1% step
Daylight control: Yes
Group parameterization: Yes
Swarm intelligence: Yes
Remote Access: Yes
Status monitoring: Yes

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