Lighting, along with heating, are the largest energy consumers in a building. Yet especially in older buildings, there is a lot that can be conserved when it comes to lighting. Because whether it’s the parking garage of an apartment building or the walkways around a hospital, lights are sometimes left on day and night for no reason. LEDCity is a fast-growing start-up from Switzerland. They have developed a smart sensor-based system that makes wasted lighting a thing of the past. In this instalment of Start-up of the day, Ralph Wilders, Business Development Representative at the company, talks about how they do that.

“What mainly sets us apart from other products out there on the market is that we have spent years working on algorithms to control lighting as precisely as possible. This, combined with the wealth of sensors and the ability to adjust the lighting on an individual basis, means that customers will not notice any difference from traditional lighting except when it comes to their energy bills.”

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