Save 90% energy – enjoy 100% comfort: The intelligent plug and play lighting system from LEDCity

Why LEDCity?

Make a difference – rely on intelligent lighting

In commercial buildings, up to 30% of energy costs are incurred for lighting. We help to reduce these operating costs. LEDCity is continuously developing new, innovative light sources to reduce energy consumption worldwide.

Leave the regulation of the light to a computer integrated in the lamp, save 90% of energy costs and increase comfort at the same time. Configure your own intelligent luminaire by combining the replaceable lamp with accessories.

Energy costs over 5 years

with CHF 0.17/kWh

Energy costs in comparison: FL tube to LEDCity tube

What makes LEDCity light sources unique?


Our LED tubes are easy to install and replace. We integrate all components directly into the tube, so that ballasts etc. are no longer necessary. Our products are controlled decentrally and run – depending on the type – completely autonomously. A control system can be omitted.


We rely on the most efficient LED chips for our products. Compared to similar products, we can even increase efficiency, as the operating time and intensity are intelligently adjusted to the actual demand by means of sensors. In practice, this enables energy savings of around 90%.


Due to our high quality construction with aluminium an optimal cooling of the illuminants is guaranteed. In addition, a significant reduction in temperature is possible by dimming the LED tube, which further increases the service life. In this way, our fully autonomous tube reaches a lifespan of around 90,000 hours.

Lighting quality

Our products are more than just light sources: Our tubes are flicker-free and have a brilliant colour reproduction. This increases well-being boosts productivity and ensures that you tire less quickly. Sensors can also be used to collect a lot of additional data that will help you to manage your building better.

So far our customers have saved

7'452'092 kWh

CHF 1'352'552

1'352'552 kg CO2

the annual consumption of 3177 households


"The light sensors integrated in the Halbautonom+ lamp allow us to adjust the light intensity steplessly and locally to our needs. The integration of the battery and wireless light switch into the lighting network allows us to switch between light scenarios and to override and dim the lighting. This greatly expands the range of applications in training rooms."

Samuel Stroppel, gammaRenax AG

Samuel Stroppel

gammaRenax AG

"For us, the investment in an intelligent lighting solution has more than paid for itself: without a costly refurbishment, we can significantly reduce our energy consumption and also receive subsidies in the process."

Portrait Philipp Sutter, VBSG

Philipp Sutter

Verkehrsbetriebe St.Gallen

"I have been waiting for your products for years for my customers, now it seems to be so far: No complex installation of presence detectors necessary!"

Thomas Pesenti

Energy Consultant

"The existing products and services of LEDCity convince through innovative power and considerable customer benefits. At our Technopark, a pilot plant has been in operation since the beginning of 2017 and is running smoothly. Based on this positive experience, we have now carried out the replacement of conventional light sources on a large scale in our building."

Portrait Thomas Schumann

Thomas Schumann

Managing Director Technopark Winterthur

"Thanks to the high personal commitment of Patrik Deuss and his team, we were able to introduce a pilot plant in a very short time. In the future we will use the offered products throughout Switzerland. We are convinced of the service, delivery times, quality and innovation of LEDCity."

Portrait Marjan Smolka

Marjan Smolka

Energy manager ISS

"The fully autonomous LED tubes can be used flexibly in existing and new construction projects, improve the sustainability of the properties through reduced energy consumption and longer service life, and offer additional added value for operations through data evaluation and the dashboard."

Manuel Senn

Mobimo Management AG

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